Long Savannah Development APPROVED

There is no shortage of developments going on in Charleston County so we knew it wouldn't take long for another one.  

Charleston City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve an updated development plan for the Long Savannah property, a 1,520-acre tract just west of Bees Ferry Road that would become Charleston County’s largest subdivision. The development, which was initially planned and permitted before the recession, could eventually have up to 6,000 homes. The development agreement requires the developers to provide land for public services such as schools and public safety buildings, and land for affordable housing construction that the city will handle. The plan also calls for new road connections from the Long Savannah property to the West Ashley Circle, Proximity Drive, and West Bridge Road. When Long Savannah was first planned, the city and the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission purchased 1,800 acres of land around the property for future city and county parks, which have not been developed. The subdivision could get underway next year.